Lovin' Lake City!

On a recent Thursday evening, in the basement of the Lamb of God Church, a place that graciously hosts a lot of our local Lake City meetings, there was a very well attended community forum on safe needle injection sites.This is a controvertial and very current topic that is up in many cities across our nation which are dealing with major and increasing heroin addicton issues. Even though discussion was heated and well presented positions were across the board, it was, in conclusion, recognized and stated aloud that all our intentions were the SAME.... To do ALL we can to help fellow humans live a safer and healthier life. The presenters also acknowledged that this was the most civil and collaborative meeting of this sort that they had been part of. When we left this meeting my husband and I walked half a block away to the Lake City Community Center where there was, as there is on every Thursday evening, a Contra dance (square dancing in a line). This event happened to be the yearly 'Folklife Festival' (Memorial day at Seattle Center) fundraiser. There were seven live bands scheduled to play continuously through the eve... with little of the usual verbal 'caller' direction, as these folks who were attending were the real deal... over 200 avid experienced folk dancers. So my husband Ray and I, even though, for our wedding 26 years ago had a wild and wonderful contra dance at Day BreakStar center, sat by the side enjoying the best of the westcoast old timey music and most particularily enjoyed soaking in the beaming faces of the whirling spinning bowing masses. After sometime we wanted/needed to move our butts so headed home walking past Two Dog...where the second of two Thursday eveing super cool classes was ending. MELT, a class designed to help you relax, rehydrate and stimulate body connective tissue was having its last of 4 sessions. The instructor from North Carolina had planned to teach this night so she could meet her grown son, a Seattle resident, at the contra dance next door after teaching! :))  and I had remembered that earlier that eve Judith Marcus, a living treasure healer and Lake City resident, had offered her wisdom on Feldenkrais, a gentle neuromuscular bath done through guided slow movements while lying on the floor. By this time Ray and I were ready for bed, only 2 blocks away, but full in our strides with pride as residents of this bouyant and vital and growing community. -Annie

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Two Dog Tales

Enjoy these highlights from the Two Dog e-newsletter and other writings contributed by and about Two Doggers over the years. It's a story archive that tells the tale of the Two Dog community: its teachers, students, neighbors and friends.


Annie's Om From Home
by Annie Stocker

How Annie found her voice

Mothers and Daughters at Two Dog
by Valerie Sasson
Sharing the experience of sore muscles on Sunday mornings
A Dog A Day?
by Roxi Smith
A home-practice story shared by a long-time Two Dogger
Turning the Kaleidoscope: Bringing Things to Light
by Sarahjoy Marsh

Bringing awareness to the ever-shifting materials of our inner kaleidoscope

A Year's Journey
by Shannon McCall
The story of a milestone year in the life of one Two Dog teacher
The Two Dogger Next Door
by Jan Mikus
Read about the life and healing experience of a studio regular
To Plan or Not To Plan
by Sarahjoy Marsh
A reflection on how much our habits press on our thoughts, actions, reactions
The Space in Between
by Wendy Groesbeck
What are we really asking for when we want more time in our lives?

Why "Two Dog"
by Annie Stocker

Musing on the name of the studio
Favorite Poses
by Two Dog Teachers
Wendy, Annie and Shannon reflect on their favorite poses
Teen Kumbha
by Annie Stocker

A mother/son yoga experience

About Gentle Yoga and Me
by Bob Scheu

Coming into yoga in the best possible way

Yoga- Another Universe?
by Jack Davis

How Yoga made me a better person

Curve Balls and Fowl Balls
by Annie Stocker

Sometimes things happen

by Shannon McCall


What Yoga Means to Me
by Two Dog Students


Coming Home

by Annie Stocker

Returning from Sri Lanka

Healing in Kerala
by Annie Stocker

A story of healing


Lovin' Lake City

Annie Stocker, Two Dog studio owner, has lived in Lake City since 1986 and feels a warm kinship with the ever-emerging neighborhood. Two Dog students bump into each other at local restaurants, the Lake City Farmers Market, the local hardware store, post office, parks and restaurants. More and more people now make Lake City their permanent home in which to grow their families and friendships. Two Dog is proud to be a part of the growth of this healthy, thriving community. Come explore!


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Two qualities of life that we sometimes give low priority to are surrounding ourselves with beauty and developing community. These are being practiced at Two Dog Yoga studio. The gorgeous unfolding lotus mural secures the room where yoga, singing, dancing, eating, talking and more are offered with open arms to the Lake City neighborhood.
— Cynthia Lair, author of Feeding the Whole Family 



Two Dog Yoga is a compassionate, supportive and nonjudgmental community of teachers and students which has benefitted me in ways I did not expect. I have been able to apply these experiences when I am off the mat to enhance my life as well as help me cope with everything from day-to-day stresses to more difficult times of loss and grief.
—Jodi McClain, Educational Audiologist
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