Gail Gensler

Wednesdays Gentle Yoga 3:30-5:00 pm

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Gail Gensler has been practicing yoga since the mid-1970’s. She started as a college student in an Experimental College class at the UW and was totally impressed by the movement abilities of the “older” women in the class. Her main teachers have been Felicity Green, Colette Crawford, Shari Friedrichsen and Annie Stocker.

Teaching has been the main focus of Gail’s various jobs. In 2004, her work changed so that she was no longer actively teaching. At the same time, she was also looking for a way to deepen her yoga practice, so she tried a yoga teacher training sampler workshop with Shari Friedrichsen. It was so much fun that she decided to take the full teacher training program and has been teaching ever since. She sees yoga practice as something everyone can use to continually learn about themselves and grow – personally, spiritually and physically.

Gail has worked with her own chronic pain and injuries through all of her yoga years. Because of this, she has learned to honor pain as a great teacher. She teaches gentle yoga by choice, and offers a special welcome to all with special needs and/or the desire to go slowly. Her classes are a place to learn, to grow, to have fun and to touch a place inside that may have been missed that day.

In her day job, Gail is a children’s environmental health educator. For fun she gardens, walks, reads, sings and spends time as “auntie” to many of the neighborhood children.

January 2016
"I took a break from teaching last spring to do some additional yoga studies with Sarahjoy Marsh, and I look forward to carrying back what I learned into the class. This class will use chairs much but not all of the time. We’ll adapt the yoga to each of our own personal needs; I continue to work with my own special physical needs, and I honor and respect yours. We’ll balance, strengthen, bend, breathe, and center. We’ll work and play and learn from our practice together, and we will definitely laugh! I look forward to sharing the gift of yoga in our lives."

Warmly, Gail

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Gail has been my teacher for about a year. I love her Gentle Class and her breadth and depth of knowledge. She is focused on making sure everyone can do the work to the best that they are able. She teaches with humor, empathy and compassion. If I miss her class one week, my body and spirit feel it. She is a gifted and knowledgeable teacher, and I love her sense of humor!

— Kevin



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