Lara Sanderson

Teaching Schedule

Sundays (rotating) All Levels 10:00am - 11:30am
​​​​​​​Beginning 6/4: 9:30am - 11:00am

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Lara's dad was a longtime yogi and devotee. He introduced her to yoga through mantra and meditation over 30 years ago, a seed that eventually blossomed into her full-time study, practice, and teaching. Throughout the decades, Lara sought—and continues to seek—guidance from elder female practitioners, all of whom contributed to her recognition of, and further identification with, the significant seed of awareness planted by her father long ago. The fruits of her devotional practices have been greatly enriched under the guidance of Sally Kempton. An avid inner-explorer, Lara encourages a variety of methods to creatively expand meditative states while supporting the body's physical requirements in partnering with awakened energy.

Her personal sādhanā draws from lyengar, Anusara, and Siddha Yoga, as well as dance, reiki, qi gong, and play! She loves gardening, cooking, writing, art, and animals. She is also a certified level III reiki practitioner. Her wish for the world is that every individual develops the inherent power that resides within, and her utmost joy is serving others who are discovering and following their own unique spiritual paths.  When individuals master peace, so too will our communities.

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I like Lara's gentleness in helping us improve our posture, position, and breathing techniques. I like how her classes vary and yet are still recognizable. Lara's vast knowledge of yoga and her deep passion for it is infectious - and I appreciate how much she respects her teachers.
— Patti B.



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