Trudy Rolla

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Wednesday All Levels 10:00am - 11:30am

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Trudy Rolla has been practicing yoga for over twenty years. However, she came to it in mid-life, after her body had become "set in it's ways". She found that yoga practice was able to realign her body, as well as provide other unexpected benefits. Her long time teacher, Shannon McCall, encouraged her to expand her practice into teaching. She studied Anusara Yoga at the Seattle Yoga Arts studio in Seattle with Denise Benitez and Rainey. Trudy holds a RYT 200 registration with Yoga Alliance and a certificate in Yin Yoga.

Trudy feels called to be of service to the older student, especially those who are new to yoga. She incorporates her training in Yoga for Seniors and Doug Keller's Yoga Therapy, as well as techniques to support healthy fascial tissue into her classes. Her intention is to recognize and support the student's yoga practice, to ensure that it benefits them by finding more balance and contentment in their lives. She has found that a combination of focusing on the breath, using the whole body in balance, and "bounce" - nurturing a supple connective fascial tissue - provides a student the space to come home to themselves.


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