About Two Dog Yoga Studio

Annie Stocker opened Two Dog Yoga in 1990, teaching Hatha Yoga classes in her beautiful home studio. Annie’s two chocolate labs, Ponder and Willow, graced the studio and with their enthusiasm inspired the name Two Dog Yoga. Beloved for its garden setting and intimate treehouse feel, classes swelled with eager students from around the Lake City neighborhood.

By 2001, having outgrown “Little Dog” studio, Annie ventured into the construction of a larger space—“Big Dog”—three blocks away. With both studios and a lively clientele, Annie settled into her vision of an active neighborhood yoga studio focused on healing and well-being. The studio expanded its offerings to include meditation, global music events, massage, Hellerwork, couples massage and seasonal celebrations.

Yoga-studio_6_51543346Over the years, Two Dog has been the home of many class offerings: qigong, meditation, improv, Ayurveda, Pranayama and chanting. The yogic path of curiosity and commitment, however, remains the studio's central focus.

Two Dog is planted firmly in the heart of Lake City, a rich and expanding neighborhood in northeast Seattle. Over the years, Two Dog has been pleased to see the area grow both in resources and opportunities. The studio's neighboring park overflows with vendors and local shoppers at the weekly Lake City Farmers Market and the Summer Salmon Festival in August.


Yoga at Two Dog has been a constant for me for over 16 years and has been instrumental in my peace of mind, body and spirit.
— Ree Fanthom



At Two Dog, I go into class as the Tin Woodman and I come out as the Scarecrow.
— S.C.
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