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Online Class links now available at Two Dog! 

From the March 28, 2020 Two Dog Newsletter

We made it available and you CAME.  Below are the links to each class.

Livestream ZOOM Yoga Schedule, effective March 29th, 2020

  6:00-7:15am Summer Sunrise Intensive - Mondays, 6/29-7/20
  5:00-6:15pm Restorative practice & Ayurved Insights w/ Annie
  6:00-7:30am All levels with Annie - Summer Sunrise Intensive-Tuesdays, 6/30-7/21
  8:30-9:45am Gentle with Wendy 
 10:00-11:30am Level 1 with Wendy
  5:30-7:00pm All levels with Annie
  7:15-8:30pm Gentle/Level 1 with Annie
  8:00-9:15am Yoga for Anxiety with Kathleen
  3:30-5:00pm Gentle with Gail
  6:00-7:30pm All levels with Wendy
  6:00-7:15am Summer Sunrise Intensive - Thursdays, 7/2-7/23
  9:00-10:30am All levels with Kathleen
 11:00am-12:30pm Gentle with Pranayama and Meditation with Kathleen
  5:00-6:15pm Foam Rolling with Annie
  6:00-7:30am All levels with Annie - Summer Sunrise Intensive-Fridays, 7/3-7/24
  8:30-9:45am Gentle with Wendy
 10:00-11:30am Level 1&2 with Wendy
 12:00-12:45pm Lunchtime Lymph Yoga reset with Janell
 10:00-11:30am All levels with Annie
 Noon-1:15pm Gentle Chair with Annie
 10:00-11:30am All levels with Rainey
  7:30-8:30pm Mindfulness Meditation with Deva Ratnakara

MONTHLY WORKSHOPS will be held online

PAYMENT OPTIONS: Punch cards, Series, Monthly Unlimited or Make-up

  • Punch cards
    We are asking you to track your punch card use. When all 8 'doggies' have been used up, send a check or pay on PayPal for new card. We will not be sending you a physical card. Honor system🌻.  See Fees page for payment options. 
  • 8-week & 5-week Summer Series
    Series payment as always will be due by the first week of series, see Schedule page for series dates and payment options. We will track your attendance, just let us know when you are doing a make up.
  • Make up
    Let instructor know if you are coming to class as a ‘make up‘ for a series class you have missed. Please note you can do make ups for this sereis until the end of the next series, June 21st. This is an exception for this series ONLY. See Schedule page for series dates. 
  • Monthly Unlimited
    Valid from purchase date for one month of ‘all you can zoom’ yoga classes. Please remember unlimited card covers all weekly yoga classes only...not Yoga Nidra, or Restorative Yoga. See Fees page for payment options
  • If you have found that online zoom classes are not a fit for you,
    we will pause your punch card and series payment to a time when we are back to offering ‘in person’ classes or provide a refund for unused portion.

Please email Annie with any questions , comments, suggestions that you have.

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ONLINE CLASS TIPS - it may seem like a lot but it will be quick once you know how!


IF you've NOT used ZOOM previously:

Download the ZOOM APP onto a device that has a video camera
(iPad, laptop, desktop, cell phone)

  • Select download Zoom Client for Meetings if using a laptop
  • Select download Zoom Mobile Apps for iPhone or Android

ZOOM is a free web application for you to join our live stream classes.
Test audio & video:  https://zoom.us/test

ZOOM How-to videos for joining and testing, use these short videos, each less than two minutes:


When you first join the class, using the link(s) above:

  • the instructor will greet you and ask how your paying for the class;
    this is the same as we've done when greeting you & checking you in in the studio.

Tips to ensure you get the best experience with ZOOM through Two Dog Yoga:

  • You will want to join the class from a device with a video camera and microphone. This allows us to see & hear each other before and after class. You CAN join the class without video if you prefer.
  • We recommend you set up your ZOOM connection prior to joining class, see notes in STEP 1
  • Click on camera and microphone icons, if they are visible; if they
    are not visible, try moving your screen pointer/mouse to the bottom
    of the zoom meeting window
  • When you have joined the class, you have the option to:
    • Start or Stop Video
      With video ON, other students can see you. If you stop, others will see your name or profile photo - you can set a profile photo/avatar in your ZOOM setup.
    • Mute or unmute yourself? We recommend you join the class with mute ON,, so you are not sharing your setup noise with the class.
      Unmute when you are ready to join the class.
  • If another student becomes the main image you see, click on your instructor's image and select "Pin Video".
  • If you only have the ability to join by phone, you can! Please contact Annie for more info.

Let Annie know if you'd like to borrow Two Dog props.
   Otherwise get creative at home

  • If you don't own "traditional" props, look around your home for possible
  • Gather a couple of blankets, cushions or pillows
  • Consider using large juice cans or thick books for blocks, old neckties
    for straps, etc.
  • GENTLE STUDENTS, please have a chair available
  1. If the class you attend regularly is not currently offered, we hope there
    is an alternative time that will work for you.
    Send us suggestions for new class times.
  2. If you paid for a series, 8-class or Unlimited punch card and decide not to take your class online, please let us know so we can credit your account and/or push pause until we come back to in-person classes.

We look forward to seeing you soon and THANK YOU for supporting us!
Annie, Gail, Kathleen, Rainey and Wendy







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The first Two Dog virtual class was exactly what the doctor ordered. In these challenging times I NEED my yoga and I need my teachers and I'm missing community. I have been trying to practice on my own, but in this time of so many unknowns, it was incredibly powerful and helpful to be guided by someone I trust (not some random teacher on social media!) and feel connected to my local community. Annie's energy and messages transcend space. Getting to see my fellow yogies was also soothing for the soul. Well worth it!
--- Andrea B


At a time when there is no normal in life anymore, you provided some.  While there are many on-line yoga classes, doing this with someone you know and who knows you, is by far a much greater experience for me.  Being familiar with each other and the routine is great as you can concentrate more on getting used to maneuvering with technology (which wasn’t so hard at all!)
-- Donna H.


"I am unbelievably grateful to Two Dog Yoga studio for setting up the online Yoga classes. I did Rainey's Sunday morning online class and it was such a soothing moment to just take a breath, feel my community around me and tap into the strength and resiliency of my body. I ended the class feeling more grounded and peaceful
-- CDH


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