Two Dog Studio Temporary Closure beginning March 16, 2020

From the March 15, 2020 Two Dog Newsletter


This is a difficult time for all of us as we navigate the unknown.  Staying steady and moving forward with clarity and discerning actions has been my intention. Classes have decreased in size since the news about the novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19), as students do their own self quarantine based on mental and physical resilience. Students who have been coming to classes have more than ever expressed how much the practice is nourishing them.

This week I heard: “I so needed that”, “I am a different person now”, “ I slept so well for the first time in weeks”.

Yoga IS doing it's magic.

For the last week at Two Dog we have been diligently wiping down surfaces, doorknobs, walls, blocks and mats not using fabric props/blankets, bolsters and straps and keeping our distance as best we can. Taking what I believed to be the yoga of “right action” in response to the growing concern over COVID-19.

We feel a commitment to our students to provide the yoga service that we have offered with no pause for almost 30 years.  But today seeking the "right action" has caused me to decide to close the studio to classes starting with March 13, Friday 6am class.

I have been seeking advice from long time Two Dog Yogi, Wes Van Voorhis, MD, Professor of Allergy and Infectious Diseases at University of Washington. He has advised me on how best to keep students and instructors and the larger community safe and not contribute to the transmission of COVID-19.

Last week, 3/2, he said "proceed with caution, do the safety measures outlined by CDC, and life as usual".
This morning, 3/12, he advises me to "cancel everything temporarily”.

I understand the immediate need to mitigate the possibility of transmission is vital, and we at Two Dog do have the choice to take action to help with this.  I take this seriously especially coming from a yogi doctor with wisdom about this situation.

We are actively pursuing online virtual yoga class options and will send info about this in the next few days. We would love for you to join you us from the comfort of your home and join you in a practice of breathing deeply and moving with care and kindness, seeding the magic of yoga into your home.

Our intention is for online classes to be up and running by Monday.  We will send you updates about this as we have information.

Doug Keller’s Teacher Training and weekend workshop will happen online this year, in place of in-person.

And now there is room to join these classes!  More information coming soon.  Thank you for your patience.

And remember to draw on the practices that are already seeded in you!  Steady yourself and find the "right action" for you at this time.


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