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Explore Your Yoga Horizons with Jen Helfer - NEW Fall 2020 series class

Mondays | 9-10:30am | Series, Punch cards, Monthly unlimited and Drop-ins welcome 
This playful yoga class brings a fresh and accessible energy to our yoga practice. We'll explore novelty, creativity, and curiosity in our movements - and discover how to truly make our practice "our own". Each week, in the comfort of our own homes, we'll delve into the purposes and possibilities of our Yoga poses, enlisting the use of props, furniture, and the space around us to help inspire and support us! This class is suited to students of all levels  Welcome Jen Helfer as a Two Dog Instructor and join us! All levels.
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Weekly Gentle and Restorative Mini-retreat with Jen Helfer - NEW Fall 2020 series class

Mondays | 11:00am-12:30pm | Series, Punch cards, Monthly unlimited and Drop-ins welcome 
Give yourself the well deserved gift of a Monday "Mini-Retreat"! Ground and nourish yourself as we combine the slow, mindful movements of Gentle yoga with the sweet stillness and calm of longer held, fully supported Restorative postures. This practice is designed to gradually bring your nervous system into a spacious state of rest and rejuvenation - and is suitable for practitioners of every level and ability. Set this time aside for yourself as part of your weekly self-care ritual!  Welcome Jen Helfer as a Two Dog Instructor and join us!
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Yoga for Anxiety with Kathleen Dowd, C-IAYT- NEW Fall 2020 series class

Wednesdays | 8:30-9:45am | Series, Punch cards, Monthly unlimited and Drop-ins welcome 
If you've ever felt anxious or overwhelmed you know how debilitating it can be and how it can impact so many aspects of our lives - from our physical wellbeing, to emotional balance, and. Using tools from a trauma-informed yoga perspective, as well as nervous system care this series will explore ways to meet what arises in our bodies when we experience anxiety and the numerous sensations that accompany that experience. The series is appropriate for all levels of practitioner and will deepen your understanding of how to use the tools of yoga to lessen the grip of anxiety on your life, this series is for you.
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Monthly Yoga Nidra with Rainey

Sundays | 10/25, 11/29, 12/20 | 5:30-7pm | $19 (Online/PayPal), $18 (cash/check) | Register - note date(s) in registration

Yoga Nidra Drop-in

Yoga Nidra (yoga sleep) is a nourishing practice designed to cultivate the resiliency of your nervous system and offer deep relaxation to all levels of your being. Class opens with gentle fluid movement and concludes with a long guided relaxation.
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Restorative practice and Ayurveda Insights with Annie

Mondays | 5:15-6:30pm | Series. Punch cards, Monthly unlimited and Drop-ins welcome, or by donation
Begin with a soothing restorative practice, followed by discussion of Ayurveda health practices you can integrate into your daily self care regimen. READ MORE
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Foam Rolling with Annie

Thursdays | 5:15-6:30pm | $20 drop-in; Series, Punch Cards, and Monthly unlimited welcome

Foam Rolling Drop-in

Missing your massage appointments? Feeling sluggish and hunched over? Foam rolling done safely can relax AND awaken your body during this time. You have seen them at the gym, or your physical therapist told you to get one, or you may have taken a MELT class at Two Dog. In this class, we will find ways to customize the foam rolling self massage techniquest for you. You will go away with a daily routine that will relieve muscle aches, hydrate your tissue and make your overall being feel brighter. Bring a foam roller. If you do not have one, order here today: 36" long preferred, or purchase one in person at The Foam Shop, near the studio.
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Weekly Lymph Yoga with Janell

Fridays | 12:00-12:45pm | Series, Punch cards, Monthly unlimited and Drop-ins welcome 

Weekly Lymph Yoga Drop-in

Did you enjoy the popular 2-hour deep dive lymph workshop with Janell? Do you want to practice the movement and breath work that supports your lymph system in community?  Are you curious about this? This IS for you. Look forward to some movement and breath work to open up the proper channels and get your lymph & immune system working well.  Appropriate for all levels, chair modifications are a part of this.
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Two Dog Benefit Dance hosted by Janell

October 17 | 7-9pm | Donation requested, not required
Donations will benefit University Beyond Bars

Join your Two Dog Community, Invite your family & friends and dance from home!  Join the zoom room & dance with others. We stream the music!
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Poop Talks with Janell

Saturday, October 24 | 2-4pm | $32
Although still somewhat of a taboo topic, pooping is among the most crucial yet elusive aspects of our health and vitality. Equipped with some basic knowledge of why and how our digestive and elimination system operates can save us a lot of suffering. We'll explore ancient poop knowledge from Ayurveda and Chinese Medicine, along with observations from Janell's many years of experience as a professional colon hydro therapist. Enjoy gentle, seated asana, self-massage techniques, breath work and plenty of time for Q&A.
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Doug Keller Teacher Training and Workshop - via Webinar

March 26-28. Inspirations for the Path Inward: Keys to a Dynamic and Healthy Practice.
Two Dog is pleased to host Doug Keller for the 19th year! and this year will be as a webinar, which is a special opportunity to join a teacher training and general workshop that normally has limited availability due to space restrictions! Join Doug and others for an exciting new adventure.



Two Dog Yoga has changed my life in so many wonderful ways. The instructors teach with wisdom, skill, and humor. They have led me to a deeper practice in a gentle profound way. Thanks to the owner, Annie, a beautiful, genuine community flourishes here, nurturing both the body and the soul. Two Dog is a true jewel right here in the heart of Seattle!
— Katherine Luu

















































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