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Monthly Yoga Nidra with Rainey

Sundays | 6/21 | 5:30-7pm | $19 (Online/PayPal), $18 (cash/check) | Register - note date(s) in registration

Yoga Nidra (yoga sleep) is a nourishing practice designed to cultivate the resiliency of your nervous system and offer deep relaxation to all levels of your being. Class opens with gentle fluid movement and concludes with a long guided relaxation.
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Restorative practice and Ayurveda Insights with Annie

Mondays | 5-6:15pm | Punch cards, Monthly unlimited and Drop-ins welcome, or by donation
Begin with a soothing restorative practice, followed by discussion of Ayurveda health practices you can integrate into your daily self care regimen. READ MORE
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Foam Rolling with Annie

Thursdays | 5-6:15pm | $20 

Missing your massage appointments? Feeling sluggish and hunched over? Foam rolling done safely can relax AND awaken your body during this time. You have seen them at the gym, or your physical therapist told you to get one, or you may have taken a MELT class at Two Dog. In this class, we will find ways to customize the foam rolling self massage techniquest for you. You will go away with a daily routine that will relieve muscle aches, hydrate your tissue and make your overall being feel brighter. Bring a foam roller. If you do not have one, order here today: 36" long preferred, or purchase one in person at The Foam Shop, near the studio.
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Weekly Lymph Yoga with Janell

Fridays | 12:00-12:45pm | Punch cards, Monthly unlimited and Drop-ins welcome 

Did you enjoy the popular 2-hour deep dive lymph workshop with Janell? Do you want to practice the movement and breath work that supports your lymph system in community?  Are you curious about this? This IS for you. Look forward to some movement and breath work to open up the proper channels and get your lymph & immune system working well.  Appropriate for all levels, chair modifications are a part of this..
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Dance Your Blues Away! - Two Dog Benefit Dance

Saturday, May 30th | 7-9pm | Donation requested but not required
Join us for a benefit virtual dance party! Custom playlist, crafted by Janell.
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Mindfulness Meditation with Deva Ratnakara

Sundays | 6/7-28 | 7:30-8:30pm | Drop-in: $19 (PayPal), $18 (cash/check); Series: $70 (PayPal), $65 (cash/check)

Deva Meditation-4 week-series

Deva Meditation-Drop-in

Deva, from Sri Lanka, will introduce and guide a practice in mindfulness meditation so as to clear and refresh our minds and hearts to be open to the potential in each new day and compassion within ourselves. For 30 years, Deva has taught mindfulness meditation to thousands of people from all walks of life on the island of Sri Lanka. Session begins with 20 minutes of teaching technique, a 5-minute break, and then 20 minutes sitting in meditation, with teacher's guidance at the beginning. Session ends with 20 minutes group discussion. PLEASE ARIVE 5 minutes PRIOR to the start of class.
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Tantrik Yoga workshop with Christopher Hareesh Wallis - CANCELLED

June 12-14 | Wisdom Unfolding: Clarifying View & Practice of Tantrik Yoga 
Join Christopher Hareesh Wallis, a scholar-practioner with over thirty years experience share his insights in Tantrik Yoga.
This workshop will be in-person if city & state guidelines allow. It will shift to online if in-person is not permitted. 

Sound Bath with Catherine Grytting

Fridays | 6/26 (Big Dog) | 7:30-8:30pm | $21 (Online/PayPal), $20 (cash/check) | Register - note date(s) in registration

Tibetan Singing Bowls are made of seven metals that produce a rich, complex tone consisting of a specific, dominant pitch with multiple overtones. This unity of a single tone from the diversity of many metals creates great power that can be harnessed to sooth and heal your physical body, emotions, mind and spirit. The sound waves from the struck bowl penetrates the body and virbrates your various cells and organs. At the same time, the single tone brings all aspects of your physicality into harmonious alignment. A sound bath aligns the various aspects of your body, quiets the mind, calms the emotions and smooths the energy field surrounding the body. Join Dr. Catherine Grytting for an hour of bathing in the cleansing, healing sounds of Tibetan Singing Bowls.

Yoga for Pain Relief (Gentle) weekly class with Kathleen Dowd, C-IAYT

Thursdays | 11am-12:30pm | 8-week series: $118 (Online/PayPal), $112 (cash/check)
Drop-in and Punch cards welcome | Register from Schedule page

When we suffer from chronic pain, it can impact our lives in so many ways and express on different levels of our being - physical, emotional, and mental. This series is appropriate for anyone who has experienced pain - either physical or emotional - and would like to use yoga, pranayama and meditation to address and relate to this pain.  READ MORE

Awareness Through Movement® with Rachel Hamstra

Mondays | 6-7 pm - PAUSED - will resume when able to meet in-person
5-class series, can be split between series: $74 (Online/PayPal), $70 (cash/check); Drop-in: $19 (Online/PayPal), $18 (cash/check); Punch cards welcome
- note date(s) in registration

Awareness Through Movement®5-week-series

Awareness Through Movement®-Drop-in

Discover how body awareness can change how you move and keep you out of pain.  Questions about your sensory experience help guide your attention through small gentle movements to increase your awareness of how your body responds to each movement, so you can discover and clarify connections within yourself.  Bring your curiosity and learn how to move with more ease.


Doug Keller Teacher Training and Workshop - via Webinar

March 26-28. Inspirations for the Path Inward: Keys to a Dynamic and Healthy Practice.
Two Dog is pleased to host Doug Keller for the 19th year! and this year will be as a webinar, which is a special opportunity to join a teacher training and general workshop that normally has limited availability due to space restrictions! Join Doug and others for an exciting new adventure.
Registration NOW open

Intro to Yoga with Annie

Next series to be announced

Take the first steps into yoga in a safe and supportive environment. Class size is limited so each student receives personal attention. In four weekly classes, students are introduced to the history and present day forms of yoga, while learning basic asana (poses) that strengthen and stretch.

Monthly Retreat: Little Dog Day Afternoons with Annie

Will return Fall 2020
Join Annie for an afternoon monthly immersion of nourishment of a well rounded asana, pranayama, mediation and reflection practice and yummy kitchari or soup, salad and bread. Held at Little Dog studio. Limited to 7 participants.



Two Dog Yoga has changed my life in so many wonderful ways. The instructors teach with wisdom, skill, and humor. They have led me to a deeper practice in a gentle profound way. Thanks to the owner, Annie, a beautiful, genuine community flourishes here, nurturing both the body and the soul. Two Dog is a true jewel right here in the heart of Seattle!
— Katherine Luu

















































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