Lymphatic Yoga for Immune Support
with Janell Hartman
Saturday, May 2nd | 3-5pm

What is lymph? Where is it? Why is it so important?

The lymphatic system doesn’t just “help” immune system...
     it IS the immune system.

As winter passes into spring and the viral load is on a global uprise, lymphatic decongestion is of utmost importance. It allows us to move stagnant toxins out and move immune cells around, bolstering our defense against ailments of all sorts.  At this time, nothing could be more important than mobilizing lymph and clearing the way for a robust immune response.

In this workshop with Janell, she'll show you how to liven up and liberate your lymph!

You’ll gain a thorough understanding of what the lymph system is, how it operates, and a variety of useful self-care tactics.

Look forward to some bouncing, swinging, tapping and other primal movements to open up the proper channels and get your lymph--your immune system, ready to roll!

This class is accessible to all levels of practitioners AND lymphatic yoga is FUN.
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    $32 for workshop
    Link to join workshop will be sent to all who have registered by 10am Saturday-5/2 

Lymphatic Yoga for Immune Support with Janell Hartman

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