Evening Meditation with Deva
Thursday, August 16 | 6:30-8:30pm

Deva offers mindfulness training called the Art of Mindful Living. This is an ideal way to obtain success in life, and to find peace, clarity, well-being, and compassion within ourselves. He teaches the use of minfulness to overcome karmic forces and to become successful in life.

His sessions include a talk on mindfulness: listening to his talks is the first practice of achieving mindfulness. Then he guides students in minfulness meditation sittings to allow them to experience mindfuless. This is followed by a discussion in order to personalize the meditation. His method of mindfulness teaching has become popular because of his ability to personalize the meditation practice.

Deva Ratnakara has been teaching mindfulness meditation for more than 20 years. He lives in Sri Lanka with his wife where he is the head of one of the most well known mindfulness meditation institutions in Sri Lanka, Sadaham Mituru Samuluwa. Deva has tought minfulness courses to people from Asia, Europe and North America.

    Suggested donation, $20 | All Welcome!

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