Sattvic Solace:
Restorative practice and Ayurveda Insights
to help in these difficult times
with Annie
Mondays | 4/13 - 5/25 | 5-6:15pm

Soothing restorative practice followed by discussion of Ayurveda health practices.

Forty minutes of restorative yoga where we practice long held, supported poses which are designed to massage, stimulate and tone the many systems of our body. The Body systems that benefit from a restorative practice include: digestive, glandular, circulatory, nervous, respiratory and more.

All these body systems play an important part in our overall well being especially in stressful times.

'Sattvic' as described in yogic philosophy, is the state of being we seek, to have ease, balance, and stability in our lives. Ayurveda, 'sister science' to yoga, offers us tools and practices to experience a more 'sattvic' state of being.

I will introduce some of these tools and we will discuss how we can integrate them into our daily lives to help ourselves now. I will share how Ayurveda and Yoga have helped me turn around chronic sinus infections, digestive issues, and interrupted sleep and more. This class can also serve as a way to learn more about our Spring Cleanse.

    Punch card, Monthly unlimited and Drop-ins welcome 

Sattvic Solace: Mini Restorative and Ayurveda with Annie drop-in


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