Yoga for Pain Relief mini-retreat
with Kathleen Dowd, C-IAYT
Sunday, October 6 | 1-4pm

When we suffer from pain it can impact our lives in so many ways and express on different levels of our body - physical, emotional, and mental. This mini-retreat is for anyone who has experienced pain – either physical or emotional pain - and would like to use practices of yoga to address and relate to this pain. Physical pain can result from injuries, stress-related tension, or even long held movement patterns in the body. Emotional pain includes grief, sadness, and even anxiety, all of which can cause suffering on multiple levels.

Using tools from a broad-based perspective of yoga, we will explore strategies to work with pain at various levels of the body. The mini-retreat will provide information about the “neurological pain loop” for both acute and chronic pain. The retreat will include gentle asana (poses/movement), as well as pranayama (breath) practices, meditation techniques for pain management, and will integrate yoga philosophy throughout. This retreat is appropriate for any level of yoga practitioner - no prior yoga experience is required.

If you would like to lessen the control that pain has over your body and your life, and feel relief at multiple levels, this is for you!

Registration: $60

Yoga-for-PainRelief Mini-Retreat

Kathleen Dowd, C-IAYT is a Two Dog Instructor

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