Yoga Class Descriptions

Intro to Yoga

Take the first steps into yoga in a safe and supportive environment. Class size is limited so each student receives personal attention. In five weekly classes, students are introduced to the history and present day forms of yoga, while learning basic asana (poses) that strengthen and stretch.


A slow-paced class for students with injuries or physical restrictions, or for those who want gentle stretching and strengthening exercises. Classes often use chairs.

Level 1

For beginners seeking to explore and establish a solid foundation in basic yoga poses. Emphasis is on developing an understanding of alignment. Teachers safely guide students to expand their strength and flexibility.

Level 2

Students with a solid foundation in asana basics continue to refine and deepen their experience of yoga, including backbends, inversions and Vinyasa (flow yoga).

All Levels

A class for strong beginners through intermediate students, exploring all aspects of yoga while supporting students to engage at their own level of skill and experience.

Restorative Yoga

Find ease and restoration through long held supported poses, allowing for a deeper opening and internal massage. Props are used to adapt poses to students' abilities.

Gentle and Restorative Mini-Retreat

Give yourself the well deserved gift of a mini-retreat that combines the slow mindful movements of gentle yoga with the stillness and calm of longer held, fully-supported restorative postures.

Yoga Nidra

Yoga Nidra (yoga sleep) is a nourishing practice designed to cultivate the resiliency of your nervous system and offer deep relaxation to all levels of your being. Class opens with gentle fluid movement and concludes with a long guided relaxation.



I have been a Two Dog attendee for over 7 years. I used to have ideas of what I wanted to experience when taking a class. It occurred to me that no matter if I take a Gentle, Level 1/2 or Level 2 class, I ALWAYS get what my body really needs that day. It is an amazing gift to give up superficial intention and instead receive what is meant to be, for me, on that day!
— Diane Quinn



Gentle Yoga at Two Dog is a necessary part of my weekly routine. I very consciously choose not to do any other levels because it helps me slow down, not work too hard and be mindful of my postures. Gentle Yoga contrasts my tendency and this culture's demands that cause me to push forward, move faster and ignore what's going on in my body.
— Melanie Neufeld


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