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Gina Salá - Power of Mantra, Matrika Shakti and Kirtan

3 Thursdays, 3/19 and 3/26 - Workshops, 4/2 - Kirtan

Come experience the power and pleasure of your voice in precisely pronounced mantra (tools to free the mind) to create transformation, inner spaciousness and experience inner peace.

With warmth, humor and very clear pronunciation guidance, Gina Salá offers participants a chance to experience directly the powerful and liberating effect of mantra on our whole system. This is a three part series. In the first two workshops, Gina will offer stories and guidance in chanting Bija (seed) mantras, and others. to to tonify and clear our energy centers for more vitality, clarity, and peace.  In the third session, she will offer a joyful grooving kirtan- heart opening, blissful community call and response chanting of sacred names. All welcome, no belief system needed. Gina is a masterful teacher with decades of study and teaching of Sanskrit mantra and of leading kirtan. The mantra are tools that help us directly experience the Self.


Thursday, 3/19, 7 - 9:00 pm

Mantra/Voice Intensive, $40

Thursday, 3/26, 7 - 9:00 pm

Mantra/Voice Intensive, $40

Thursday, 4/2, 7 - 9:00 pm

Kirtan, $25

All 3 sessions, $85



Sri Lanka 2016
Join Annie and Marta January, 2016 

Sri Lanka—the Path of the Buddha
We'll explore ancient cities and World Heritage sites, Buddhist temples and pilgrimage sites, highland tea and spice plantations, modern-day villages, national parks, and coastal beaches. Daily yoga and meditation practice, along with teachings on Ayurveda will enhance our visit. 
Highlights include: Anuradhapura – Bodhi tree – Sigiriya - Dambulla Rock Cave Temple - Polonnaruwa - Kandy - Climb Sri Pada - Puja at Katagarama - Wildlife safari in Yala and Galle.

Let Annie know if you're interested. Details will be announced in late February 2015.
Organized and co-led by Two Dogi yogini—Marta Rabins, co-founder of Ponte Travels.

Sri Lanka... through the eyes of Annie over the decades
When I was a child we had a world map that filled one whole wall in our kitchen. The place I wanted to go was the city of 'Kandy', for obvious reasons. A decade later while traveling and studying as a college student, I was introduced to yoga at a Buddhist Temple in Kandy, Sri Lanka. A sweet treat of another kind entirely. I was immediately moved by the depth of peace that this traditional form of movement and reflection gave me. In the mountain city of Kandy where I lived, the lifestyle was far from abundant in our terms, but the pulse of life was rich with the warmth of a close-knit, active, and productive community. The market bustled with artisans and farmers with crafts and local foods, including the most amazing cashews I have ever tasted. People moved primarily on foot or bicycle; open space was well preserved with care given to the plants and trees. I felt deeply nourished. When our time of study was completed in Kandy, I felt strongly that I wanted to return one day.

Over three decades later, I did return. A tragic and bitter 25 year civil war and a devastating tsunami in 2004 have taken their toll on this ancient land and its people. But the radiant resilience of the Sri Lankans has prevailed, and they are welcoming and eager to have foreigners visit their country. In February 2014. I travelled to Sri Lanka on an exploratory trip with my highschool girlpal, Jane. When I returned to Seattle I knew I wanted to share this wonderful experience with Two Doggers. So.... Two Dogger, Marta Rabins, owner of Ponte Travels, has crafted a fabulous trip for us in February 2016.

Some of my favorite experiences on my recent trip to Sri Lanka  include:

  • Touring the ancient city of Anuradhapura and watching the weekly ritual: a long saffron clothe carried above the heads of dozens women young and old, around the huge crisp white stupa (circular temple).
  • A peaceful  high mountain tea plantation retreat with stunning sunrises and sunsets. Here we stayed in simple but elegant platform tents. Fresh sligthly smokey mountain air and distant echoing call to prayer reminding us of the generations of inhabitants.
  • In Dambulla climbing up the many stairs to reach the base of the largest gold leafed Buddha in Asia and looking way up to the golden edges and curves of statue next to electric blue sky.
  • Walking through the world renowned Botannical gardens in Kandy. High above seeing thousands of sleeping bats hanging from huge trees, and below Sri Lankan school children, young lovers, old men and travellers all enjoying the grand natural beauty.
  • So many delicious flavorfull foods: mini bananas, jack fruit, fresh cashews and  curries and String hoppers and egg hoppers (traditional Sri Lankan dishes).
  • Travelling into a designated wildlife area where we spent several hours in an open 4 wheel drive watching a herd of magnificent elephants young and old migrating across the open savannah land.


Two Dog Yoga studio surpassed my expectations. The method of teaching goes beyond the conscious; it goes to my cell memory without me having to remember what the teacher said last class. Yoga is my spiritual practice and the teachers' devotion and years of knowledge keep my yoga experience in the divine. It truly is a place to honor equally the triad of mind, body and spirit.
— Joyce Anderson, speaker, consultant, writer