Diane Ziegner

Sundays (rotating) All Levels  10:00am -11:30 am
Beginning 6/4: 9:30am - 11:00am

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Diane Ziegner has been teaching yoga in Alaska since 1999. Her goal as a yoga teacher is to make yoga enjoyable, accessible, and beneficial to people of all ages and abilities. She encourages students to practice yoga in a manner that supports their lifestyle and interests. Her classes focus on development of strength, balance, functional movement, and anatomical alignment, as well as flexibility. Because yoga is so much more than a physical practice, she includes yoga philosophy, pranayama and meditation in her classes.

Diane is a Registered Yoga Teacher with over 500 hours of training and a Certified Yoga Therapist. Her teachers include Lynne Minton, Chris Coniaris & Sarahjoy Marsh. She is the sole proprietor of Studio Z Yoga, a 24 foot diameter yurt located on her property in Talkeetna, Alaska. .


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Diane is first and foremost a yoga teacher, in the deep sense of the word. She doesn't just lead you through yoga poses; she invests time to really teach you how to develop your own practice. She ensures that you understand the details of a pose or breathing practice as well as why and how to integrate and adapt it into your life. Diane's intimate knowledge of human physiology, as well as her study of yoga philosophy and the traditional texts, set her apart from any other teacher I've known. I leave her classes’ not just feeling better, but having the tools and inspiration to develop my own daily practice.

— Shannon Post



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