Rainey's Teaching Schedule

Sunday  All Levels 10:00am - 11:30am
Sunday  Yoga Nidra  5:30pm - 7:00pm (monthly-see Workshop page for schedule)


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Rainey attended her first yoga class in High School. The hatha yoga with seated meditation allowed her to connect internally to a deeper sense of Self and be more present with the world. This momentous experience planted a seed that was watered gently throughout college in various experiences of yoga, movement and nature. It came into full bloom in the early 90s, when Rainey committed herself to a yoga practice while living in Crested Butte, Colorado.

Between adventures in nature and explorations of bodily movement and alignment, Rainey's passion and dedication to the potency of bringing full sensory awareness to every moment of life was born. After moving to Seattle in 1996 and studying, training and apprenticing in the yoga tradition with Theresa Elliot, Kathryn Payne, Denise Benitez and John Friend, Rainey began teaching in 2000. She was certified in Anusara yoga in 2003. At this time, Rainey also began meditating in the Buddhist tradition of vipassana, deeply influenced by Pema Chodron and Phillip Moffitt.

Rainey still continues to delve deeper into the nuances of what it means to have a body, a movement practice and a life of conscious awareness. She is a dedicated student of the meditation teacher Paul Muller-Ortega and the authentic movement teacher Susan Harper. She is honored to have also have studied with June Austin, Carol Case, Mary-o Yeager, Lex Hixon, Gary & Donita Reitz, Angela Farmer, Victor van Kooten and Michael Hahn.

The ten years Rainey was a certified Anusara yoga teacher laid the groundwork for her heart-centered, body-honoring and alignment-infused teaching. Her classes are an invitation for exploration into the beauty and the challenge of being embodied. Students cultivate a sense of curiosity about what is current in their experience and nurture a willingness to be present for themselves in the unfolding of their practice. Every practice, every day is a fresh and new journey.

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I love Rainey’s yoga teachings. She provides a wonderful blend of asana, breath work, philosophy and meditation that is fun and vibrant. Her wealth of experience and knowledge along with her zest for life and welcoming smile are a true delight. She is a quality yoga instructor for students at any level.
— Ward Groesbeck



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