Two Dog Tales

Healing in Kerala

By Annie Stocker
From the March 2017 Two Dog Newsletter


Last November I took an unplanned trip to Kerala in southern India. The purpose was to receive panchakarma, a traditional cleansing treatment for the body, mind and consciousness. At Vaidyagrama Ayurvedic Healing village the treatmnent for us involved 23 days of a simple healing diet, daily oil/steam treatments, herbal tinctures and deep rest in a peacful meditative environment.//// My friend's skin rash which had persisted through a variety of allopathic treatments before India, has cleared after continuing her Ayurvedic protocol on her return home. My daughter's  time in India was difficult as she was away from many of the familiar western teen indulgences. We did see and she felt, however, a sweetness in her. And I do believe her having felt this sweetness will serve her well as she continues to grow into 'her life worth living'. For me, I have gone through this last winter without any respiratory issues, first time in many years. And even more importantly the daily rhythm of precious reverance of simple life there with my dear girl pals will live lifelong in my heart.

If you would like to see pictures and hear more stories from this trip and our Two Dog trip to Kerala India in 2014 please join us this Sunday for a slide show and potluck. 6pm Potluck. -Annie

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