Two Dog Tales

Teen Kumbha

By Annie Stocker
A mother/son yoga experience from the July 2011 Two Dog Newsletter


This week my 15-year-old almost 6' tall boy came to yoga class with me for the first time in 11 years. We went to Wendy's class - she kicked our butts, or rather 'strengthened our hip rotators'....

Last time he was in yoga class with me, he was 4-years-old, it was 1999. For several weeks on Tuesday eves he chose to walk across the yard to 'Little Dog', unroll the big sticky mat and for half an hour watch and imitate movements of his fellow yoga students, all the while soaking in the other world I went to when not with him. A big step for a boy whose first sentence was 'no yoga, mommy'!

So did he like yoga class this week? Yes

Will he go back? not sure

Was I proud to share with him a life path practice that has been my ground through thick and thin, dark and light, births and deaths? hell yes

And was I bursting at the seams to think maybe he would also find sanctuary in a practice that infused life into the very kumbha, 'clay pot' that nurtured his pre- and post-natal growth. down mama! This is where I tempered my thought t(e)endrils, and a good thing at that. Soon after class, with a warm chuckle, he gave me a sweet teen truth that warmed my heart. "I came to class to appease you mom, so you would buy me a nice pair of shoes when we go shopping today". boy... One week from now you will be flying half way around the world to a remote South Pacific Island on a service trip to help the native population develop and build sustainable systems so they can remain on the land that they know in their cells. I am proud of this journey you choose, Quillan.

Your feathers are flight worthy and your wings are strong!

Bon Voyage!

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