Two Dog Tales

The Space in Between

By Wendy Groesbeck
What are we really asking for when we are wanting more time in our lives? from the Mid-May 2012 Two Dog Newsletter


“If only I had more hours in the day…” does that sound like a familiar request? What are we really asking for when we are wanting more time in our lives? Does our desire for more hours in the day revolve around just wanting to get more “stuff” done, or are we really craving something else? Recently I discovered a possible answer to that question, from an unexpected source – my breath.

During my early explorations of pranayama (the breathing practices of yoga), I was guided to simply spend time with my exhalation - eventually being directed to notice what I observed at the end of my exhale. What I encountered was rather surprising - a slight pause, a moment of stillness – a small bit of space in my every breath that I hadn’t noticed before. As I became more comfortable with my discovery, that “space in between” my exhale and inhale began to get more spacious and restful. I would emerge from that pause refreshed and renewed – a valuable resource during times of overload, uncertainty or confusion.

Inspired and curious, I began looking for other natural pauses in my jam packed days. I started to become aware of the space in between washing one teacup and then washing a bowl; the interludes available while opening a stack of mail; the swath of blue sky in between clouds. Acknowledging the “space in between” not only offers a momentary respite, but also gives distinction and meaning to each task and activity in my day. I came to realize that what I really craved was a sense of appreciation and ease – a reminder to fully occupy all the space in my day and enjoy each moment as it comes.

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