Two Dog Tales

What Yoga Means to Me

by Two Dog Students

We spent some time in Annie's classes a few months ago writing about "What Yoga is to Me." Here are the thoughtful and heartfelt messages written by students:

Yoga is being in my body in a community of others.

Yoga is both fluidity and stillness, stillness for the mind and fluidity for the physical body.

Bind your cares with a thread of acceptance.

Surrender to the peace of breath.

Yoga is nourishment and serenity.

The practice of yoga is practice for life: balance, strength, flexibility.

Yoga is the combining and acceptance of my true self, including all my joys and all my struggles, with no judgment.

When paying attention to part of myself in a pose, I automatically surrender my need to be in perfect control of everything.

Yoga unites me inside and out.

For me, yoga is the path to Peace of body-mind-spirit.

In yoga, we are a community of social weavers.

Yoga is accompanying others on their journey without trying to steer.

Stay fluidly with the middle and be curious.

Sutra:  I am grounded in my body clarity, openness to life

…to receive/welcome what the morning and night may bring us…

Know yourself.

Let calm run constant, like Thornton Creek.

Yoga is beginning and endings all together.

Be present with the joy of life!

Yoga provides the opportunity for both acceptance and change.

Yoga lets me crawl out of my tin can shell and free my soft-skin being to the air.

Yoga, renewal.

Showing up is my Prayer.

Yoga is a way of anchoring oneself to serenity, kindness and truth. Flexibility is strength.

Remember “heart”.

Whatever it is, it is.

Yoga helps my muscles stay strong in order to support my skeleton.  It also allows me to breathe and expand.

In yoga I remind myself what good posture and a relaxed body and mind feel like.

Surrender and let the day reveal itself.

Each breath can lift my heart.

Yoga is attachment to accept surroundings, find something in nature to quiet you. Yoga be yours.

Yoga is my peaceful pause.

Faith joining heat and mind~gentle kindness for myself and others.

Rest in Me, Peace, Calm.

My mind seem to quiet down when I stretch and practice yoga with compassion, being careful about my limitations.

Acceptance of what comes and patience to cope.

Vibration of “OM” is like the vibration of our daily lives—You sink into it.

Friendship and community, Yoga reminds me this is an important part of life.

You have permission to do a do-over.

Emotions flow.

Yoga is the place where I can let things go — Let things happen.

Yoga is a surrender of my physical and metal state to one that is peaceful and quieting.

Yoga helps to calm and balance my body and mind.

Dawn breaks with the silent scream.  The non-self attends, listens.

First, pause.  Be still.

Grace for all the blocks you face.

Yoga is tranquil movement.

Open yourself to the wisdom within.

I calm myself, I calm my mind.

How can you listen to your truth?

Life isn’t about avoiding the storm, but learning how to dance in the rain.

Yoga is pivoting around my center, landing in harmony.

Yoga is: The path/journey to becoming BFFs with one’s self.

I’m grieving for my mother today, I’m celebrating her life at the same time.

Realignment to golden cord grounding at yoga. Relief to surrender to guidance.

Sounds of silence flow through me.

I work to find balance in all aspects of my life.

Let the sun be my breath.

The evening cricket song, rhythmic, pause, sweet, breath.

I can accept myself for who I am at each moment.

Yoga is the centering of the mind and soul.

Yoga helps me communicate to my body and listen to what it is trying to tell me.

Yoga is the embodiment of my beliefs and aspirations.

Yoga is living mentally, spiritually, and physically in harmony with nature (seasons, cycles, etc.).

Through mindful motion we come home to the self.

Yoga: *Breathe *Move *Rotate *Flex *Extend *Expand *Be Still

Yoga sutra enables a calm mind.

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