Two Dog Tales

Why "Two Dog"?

By Annie Stocker
Musing on the name of the studio from the January 2012 Two Dog Newsletter

Before children, my husband Ray and I had two dogs--Ponder and Willow--chocolate lab siblings we adored from the time they came home as flea-ridden precious rascally pups to their passings many years later. To us each they brought the joy of playful movement and sweetness of devotional love. When my sister suggested the name Two Dog studio for my newly forming yoga and massage business, it fit as a natural extension of our lives with our dogs.

Two Dogs bowing/downward dogging to each other in the logo speaks to the relational essence of yoga. In our yoga practice, we engage with life intentionally through body movement and meditation. We can choose to further honor this relationship by practicing deep listening by connecting to, aligning with and brightening our inner being, wagging our tails -- spreading the joy!
Ever heard of Three Dog Night? It is an Australian term, made familiar by the 70's band--it means you need three dogs to keep you warm while camping in the outback on a chilly night. Two Dog is a really warm place in heart!
Peace, Annie

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