Strengthen Resilience and
Tune Into your Nervous System
with Gentle Yoga
with Charlotte Nuessle, C-IAYT
October 18-20, 2019

Charlotte Nuessle is an author, internationally certified yoga therapist, gerontologist and online educator and coach in personal development. She has 43 years of personal practice and 27 years experience teaching and consulting in developing self awareness using body-based and meditation practices that bring kindness, clarity and calmness into people's lives.

Mindful awareness of your nervous system becomes a tool to shift, more flexibly, from stressful states to greater peace and presence of mind. Practices of self-kindness, self-acceptance and wisdom in skillfully turning toward - rather than avoiding or overriding the signals of the body - develop new choices in how you respond to stress. This is resilience. Over time, such practices become a source of new strengths that you can naturally draw on both personally and professionally.

In this weekend you’ll learn experientially, through body-based mindful self-awareness practices of adaptive yoga, breath, sound, meditation and journaling; Discussion will introduce foundational concepts of your autonomic nervous system through Polyvagal Theory. Live interactive processes of personal discovery further integrate learning and theoretical concepts.

In Friday evening’s session you’ll reflect on how to cultivate attention toward what is good in daily life with resonant teachings from yogic philosophy. This kind of practice can be a base to create new neural networks that are valuable in living consciously.

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Check out the Free Webinar, Friday, Sept 27, 12-1pm

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10 CEUS through Yoga Alliance and IAYT.


  • Friday, October 18 | 7:00-9:00pm | $30
  • Saturday, October 19 | 2:00-6:00pm
  • Sunday, October 20 | 1:00-5:00pm 

Registration Rates:
NOTE: Full refunds minus $25 service fee available up to two weeks prior to start of workshop, 10/4/2019

Workshop Rate
Full Weekend - 3 days, Friday-Saturday-Sunday + post-weekend follow-up live chat $200
Friday - 10/18 only $30

Registration for Full Weekend:  $200
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Friday, October 18 | 7:00-9:00pm | $30 
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Free webinar: 3 Tips to Embrace Balance - When You Feel You're Bracing
Friday, Sept. 27, 12-1pm PST
with Charlotte Nuessle, C-IAYT

  • Want a tip about how your nervous system's doing its best to keep you from harm?
  • Curious about tapping into your intuitive knowing as you embody more courage?
  • Find you enjoy connecting with others' good company?

Plus, jump on for a cool mediation to align yourself with changing seasons.

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