Neverending Story:
Koshas on the Hero's Journey
with Janell Hartman
Saturday, December 14 | 6-9pm

Stories expressed through film are the modern myths our culture, often used to reference our experience - both individually and collectively.
While the teachings of the yogic Koshas (layers of Being) are ancient and sometime elusive to comprehend... they come alive in the brilliant dance of archetypes within the so-aptly named film, Neverending Story. It's the story of YOU -- and all your layers, waking up! 

Join the Two Dog community for a fun-filled, cozy movie night!  We'll munch on popcorn, sip on chai and watch Neverending Story. Afterwards we'll enjoy an overview and discussion about the Koshas, led by Janell, while the symbolism is freshly buzzing in our hearts and minds.



Ticket price: $20 - includes hot chai and popcorn!

Neverending Story-movie night

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