The Supportive Psoas: Yoga Therapy for the Spine, Pelvis and Legs
with Leila Stuart
October 20-21 | $325

THE PSOAS IS A TRULY YOGIC MUSCLE, bridging the body back to front, top to bottom, core to periphery, spine to limbs and Heaven to Earth.  Though hidden deep within the body, the psoas is one of the most important muscles of the human structure.  It has a multidimensional influence on your experience of stability, strength, ease and connectedness.  When gently and sensitively accessed experientially using yoga therapy principles, the psoas can initiate a process of deep inner transformation as well as healing back pain, pelvic instability, digestive issues and a multitude of other physical conditions.


  • Access, relax and lengthen your psoas to its maximum resting length through experiential anatomy.
  • Experience your psoas as a source of core stability and centrally initiated movement.
  • Consciously engage your psoas to fully enjoy the benefits of asana through integrated movement that emanates from the core. 
  • Utilize inquiry to experience the shift in consciousness that can occur with dynamic engagement of your psoas. 
  • Access your psoas as a tool to experience a reproducible sense of being centered in yourself and accessing authentic power.
  • Explore the role of your psoas in spinal, hip and pelvic alignment, stability and  dysfunction.
  • Utilize your psoas muscle in activities of daily living so movement is safer, stronger and more integrated.

Saturday, 10/20 | 12 (noon) - 6pm
        Sunday, 10/21 | 1 - 5:30pm

Leila Stuart, BA, LLB, C-IAYT, is a Registered Massage Therapist and has practised and taught yoga for over 40 years. Leila developed and taught an innovative Yoga Therapy training for 15 years, focusing on experiential anatomy, alignment and neural repatterning, and embodiment of the deeper teachings of Yoga as pathways to self healing. With a deep love and intuitive knowledge of experiential anatomy, Leila specializes in transforming academic information into somatic awareness and life-changing experience. She is an international teacher, online educator and conference presenter, and Author of Pathways to a Centered Body, with Donna Farhi.

Further information:

Experiential Anatomy - Keys to Connecting with Your Body Wisdom | Interview with Leila Stuart | Published Jan 10, 2018

Five minute excerpt from Leila's online Yoga U course, Standing on Your Own 2 Feet 

A talk on the psoas Leila gave at a book signing, includes a practice | Published April 16, 2018

Registration:  $325
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