Yoga and Anger
with Kathleen Dowd, C-IAYT
Mar 30 | 2-5pm

Do you have feelings of rage you’re not sure what to do with or how to express? Have you internalized the messages that anger is not a healthy or spiritual emotion? Have you ever been told not to express your anger or to just “let it go”? Even if you’re not sure of the answers to these questions, chances are you’ve received messages to this effect at some point in life; we all have.

Yet research shows there are benefits of feeling and expressing anger.


With the Kosha model, (originating from Upanishads) as the foundation for our day, we’ll explore the different layers of our bodies, including our emotions. Drawing on numerous sources and practices from yoga and beyond we will slowly work into a deep dive of feelings of anger and rage. We’ll understand how these feelings help us, the pitfalls of ignoring them, and how we can feel and move through anger to transform our energy and our everyday lives.


The workshop will include journaling, yoga asana, meditation, sharing and active listening, and expressive movement. We will conclude with powerful ways to feel renewed by, not stuck in, our anger and broad range of emotions available to us in this human experience.


READ Kathleen's bog regarding research and personal journey regading how we handle anger in our lives!


What to bring:  Journal and pen, water bottle

Saturday, March 30 | 2-5 pm | $60

Yoga and Anger - 3/30

Kathleen Dowd, C-IAYT is a Two Dog Instructor

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